Recruitment Process


Submission of Application

Valeo Egypt Careers is designed to support the submission of your application in case you are interested in an open position.


Application Analysis

Your application will be reviewed by HR professionals and Valeo managers. They will analyze whether your profile matches the related Valeo requirements for the position.

First Contact

A phone call or an e-mail contact can be initiated by Valeo HR to schedule an appointment for exam or interview. A phone interview may be conducted depending on the recruitment process of each position. For specific positions, a confirmation email will be sent to you after the call with the date, time and the process you will go through

Selection & Decision

Exams Process

You will have exams depending on the recruitment process of the position you are applying for. For managerial positions, you will not pass this step.

Individual Interviews

Once you reach the passing grade for exams, you will meet Valeo professionals in order to evaluate your competences and your capacity to integrate Valeo. The number of interviews depends on the position and can take up to 1.5 hour each.

Decision Process

Once all candidates have been evaluated, a decision is taken. Valeo recruitment policy requires a consensus between all Valeo managers and HR professionals involved in the selection process.

Formal Proposal

A written job proposal is sent by Valeo HR to the selected candidate. An apology email will be sent to all candidates who were not selected.

Welcome & Induction

Induction is a decisive phase which requests a specific plan for each newcomer. Our objective is to get the employee familiar with Valeo's culture and methodologies, while integrating him/her quickly in the new position.